Monday, September 7, 2015

Jet Setter Model Alice Dalal

Skull shaved half, a little mischievous and provocative look at his face, Jet Setter Model Alice Dalal and is fast becoming one of the leading figures in fashion. Both guest star in Mango heiress her for the post of Kate Moss for Agent Provocateur, the charismatic Brazilian is not over yet fascinated by the world of fashion ...

If a woman received a gift and beauty of Mother teaspoon of silver (and his mother, Andrea Dalal, Brazilian supermodel) and grandfather (wealthy land owners) and this does not mean that little Alice was a golden childhood. In fact, surrounded behind the glitter, drugs, debauchery and extravagance - sometimes good, sometimes bad - where his father, then you will lose guard Jerry Hall.

Alice is still fascinated by this world of rhinestones, champagne and free of restrictions they expect. You establish strong links with sponsors (Mike Jagger and Mario Testino) imaging, to escape the demons of the family. Alice gradually feel the need to go to the camera, and then decided to debut. In honor of Jerry Hall - she was impressed career - she dyed blonde, shaved half of her head and nose pierced.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lady Amanda

Amanda HarlechPure fashion point of view, often seen Amanda toilets in black and white, by the high-scratching him in his suite at the Ritz, and which are the best days of his performances at various fashion weeks did not stop them dressed. He also keeps his possessions English a few vintage dresses that she needed to feel the presence, as they carry sweet memories or monuments.The level of dress code, and if it is not necessary to follow the trends at the foot of this letter, it is important to know, and change the way of wearing a certain piece after time to keep his style without apparently disconnected from the present.For the first time inspired by John Galliano, the gray eminence clan Lagerfeld ... what is the next step in the romantic fate of this "Moses" in the modern sense of the word?


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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Amanda St. Martin

 Miss HarlechBegins with a young woman in the exciting moments that meet promising young photographers (such as Mario Testino) and works with designers. Despite this, Amanda Harlech struggling to cope with the sometimes seems to trade magazine; dream, and more hair, magic and madness emitted from its fashion series.For this reason, when a student from the College of Saint Martins shares his vision of fashion (John Galliano) is true, she did not hesitate to resign and service. Then you can help to complete his collection of the end of the year ... started close cooperation in the framework of friendship. If Galliano do not have the funds to pay Amanda, it's not so much, and her husband to the needs of the family.Amanda HarlechThis blessed period ends abruptly when he chose to break away from her husband, with this decision, it is in fact forced to find a life. Now is the John Galliano for Dior then, its leaders do not want the content of his muse signed support .

Karl Lagerfeld and Amanda Harlech

.At the same time, Karl Lagerfeld told she is welcome to him. Lady Harlech then faced with a difficult decision: follow her boyfriend - with whom she for 12 years a very fulfilling - or gracefully enter Harem Chanel, consistent with the character key. By necessity, the youngest age groups entered the team in Karl Lagerfeld woman. And a lot of disappointment from John Galliano, who holds his decision as a betrayal ...Initially suspicious to him, and take the staff Street Cambon in the end when he realizes that it takes the place of one. Will enchant you to quickly and Carl environmental, and thus the key British Chanel (it will not hesitate to also remember that Gabrielle Chanel was closely linked with England). Between the Parisian newspaper and more rustic life on the other side of the channel, and also finds a beautiful time, a new vision and Lagerfeld's decision to propose sending the deployment .

Cross Shirt

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The childhood of Amanda Harlech

Graceful in the extreme (as practiced in his youth eagerly ballet), and the text that innate elegance that can be worn on clothing with ease and speed. But it is also learned, intelligent, charming and attractive, and comfortable both in a pair of Louboutins in his riding boots ...
Amanda HarlechThis is a fantastic fifties already contributed his time between the production of many sets of Karl Lagerfeld and property English. They are the kitchen, rides and black and published several books in some cases.Originally from London, Amanda spent her childhood in a cozy fireplace and high standard of living (his father was a prominent lawyer). Impressed with ball gowns and her mother - a woman with extraordinary beauty - a young girl falls in love with the charm of clothing. Like most girls dream, then Amanda ballerina. Fearing that the practice of classical dance to make it a bad attitude (for "feet"), and the parents, but rather to control the ride adoption ...

Amanda in the eleventh year

Fairy-tale ending for Amanda in the eleventh year, when his parents decide to separate. Left upper mid Regent Street and its illustrious neighbor (Jonathan Miller, George Miley, Alan Bennett, etc ...) or be a stage (Jasper Conran, she was a friend). This did not prevent the child to be Amanda is in everything characterized in particular on the piano, painting and drama.Amanda Harlech At the end of his school, and have a choice of integration at the Royal College of Music and Fine Arts or Oxford. Oxford chose. But life for him is the fate of the diligent student ... 
Sophie Hicks, a close friend of Amanda, yes landed the post of fashion editor at Harper's and Queen and asks her to join him there. Later some time, and Hicks flew in Vogue, leaving his place

La Quinta Inn Casper

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Amanda HarlechCharis Wilson

Lady Amanda HarlechCharis Wilson, Loulou de la Falaise, Gala ... all these women have in no time on the work of famous men affected by their presence, their spirit and beauty. I think, and objects that stimulate the creativity of the artists aura. Amanda Harlech is undoubtedly part of this exclusive club, and this English lady did not stop to feed the imagination of the great designers .
 Amanda HarlechAny offer, ponytails, and when the man comes through the crowd came to congratulate him, Lady Harlech is never far away. In addition to Karl Lagerfeld for more than 10 years, and one that can boast a unknown higher at the Ritz six months of the year as Moses as a person (call it considers outdated), but rather reluctant to sort out ideas even able to feel the mood of the season by signing Groups Lagerfeld. For its part, Mr. Cambon Street this as his staff.Amanda Harlech, "Lady" since her marriage to English aristocrat Francis Ormsby - Gore, is part of this group of women who have a list of properties, both physical and mental health can cover several sheets