Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Anna Dello Russo Begins

Given the enthusiasm aroused her outfits directly from the platforms , Anna begins to look at public appearances as the work itself . Carefully examined and her outfits , so as to keep his style , while continuing to hold his breath in the fan club .

This inveterate collector of high-end parts - it is not wearing twice - and then begins to think her outfits six months in advance . Always want dazzling fans and street - style , jewelry and developed as Baroque as indicators ...

Obsessed with his image Convinced of the need to always be at the top, Anna dello Russo leaves nothing to chance. And managed everything in fact to perfection , his imagination Sylphide - held following the diet sharp and yoga sessions weekly - wardrobe massive sorting and maintain caution ( and this applies to penetrate the kitchen ) , through his contacts with the rising young guard of the medium and presence in new media ( his own blog ) .

Chief of Vogue Uomo

Vogue designer and editor in chief of Vogue Uomo for 6 years , Dello Russo also works as a consultant for many of the homes affected . This collection of hats earn him eventually from his post in the evaluation of Conde Nast Italy Franca Sozzani is incompatible with the ethics of the magazine ...

After all these years in the heart of the fashion world , Anna dello Russo years has incorporated the title intact , so they are very quiet because it includes a freelance career . She works with Japanese Vogue , where she was artistic director for a quick ...

But his work was a beautiful bridge , allowing him as much as you want to go shopping , while they worshiped in daily contact with these high-end fashion do , Anna Dello Russo is really to reach its full potential from the other side of the mirror. We are in 2007 , made ​​his appearance with obsessive love - changing up to 4 times per day during the fashion weeks - even eye Scott Schuman and Tommy Ton . Through the blog , they will raise the soon to be international Moussa ...

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Friday, March 21, 2014


That is, the beautiful view of teenage passion for fashion , she prefers to focus on the knowledge of the public by taking courses in art history and Italian literature , and only once you have this training is the main mode in Milan recording (they are among the teachers , including Gianfranco Ferre ) .

Shortly thereafter , I found the magazine " Donna " who met Annalisa Milella. Work at Conde Nast , it creates a young woman in Italian Vogue to bring . Will follow the work of 18 years ...

After Anna and takes their brands and friendship designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana ( then at the beginning of her career ) , and that she shares the same obsessive fascination with fashion . Then it helps to determine the development of marches and Dolce & Gabbana. In addition, it is recommended to them , last call display a selection of international blogger ...

Fashion Maniac

As a " fashion maniac " Helmut Newton by the artistic director of Vogue Japan filamentous described gained the status of a few seasons of fashion . Anna dello Russo entrenched and 4,000 pairs of shoes firmly in the top three women Conde Nast , next to Anna Wintour and Karen Roitfeld ...

If the T-shirt in fashion last summer stamped " Carl , who " this year is a photo models Anna dello Russo - parties within 24 hours on the site Yoox.com - which must be worth hypitude weight . It must be said that since crossed paths with Scott Schuman , who led a quiet life consultant formerly popular and recognized designer pictures of him from the stairs of fame that quickly jumped to a certain extent ...

Originally from Bari in southern Italy , and soon drew Anna fashion : clothes that are worn by women in their area and his mother and jewelry , and it should be quick to buy to grow more and more clothes .

12 , and the girl has already devoted cult Gucci ( which is the motto of the cup , then many fashion lovers ) , so much so that when his father decided to Rome to offer him one of the most famous clutch bags , indescribable joy ...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Anna Mouglalis in Coco Chanel

True workaholic , the actress is full of projects. Went behind the camera to make a short film , wrote the script , which will make the next year and invest fully in the preparation of his role as Coco Chanel . It must be said that the challenge was to be the Moses of the brand : It should not disappoint Charles nor Kounen ... But it appeared devoted to the conduct of Gabrielle Chanel and immersed in the music of Igor Stravinsky .

It is also what he thinks to take advantage of the lady of the street Cambon , Anna does not take the mystery without hesitation on an equal footing with Simone de Beauvoir (they are also reflected in the " Les de Flore Amants"), and that a woman has the approach to feminism, reject mediocrity and dared to change anything ... She admits that she is very proud of " modest , his fate is linked to that of Chanel , one of the few fashion houses that does not use women as an argument sexual " be.

Renegade , hieratic , sublime , enter the Chanel clothes - have done so - dimension both sensual and elegant , and it seems Anna Mouglalis 's undoubtedly one of the actresses in the best position for Coco Chanel to revive the on-screen again ...

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Anna Mouglalis and Samuel Benchetrit

In addition to providing a wealth even more important (so that Anna very daunting roles are accepted ) , and this collaboration with Chanel is to teach him believe in him . Karl Lagerfeld shows themselves and do not have to do it the concepts of " beautiful " or " ugly " and said he did not particularly but perhaps wants to explode on the uniqueness of the film. There is a new insurance policy for a young woman , who said later she did not want to please everyone , so why should there be boring .

After his career working actress Anna Mouglalis prove before all your favorite , regardless of the box office. Whether he was playing a secondary role , as long as galvanized project.

On a personal level , and Parkinson's wife Anna , 28, director Samuel Benchetrit, with whom she . A young girl named Saul file a quick pair of perfect love ... It also does not hesitate to combine professional projects in their hearts , as in the film " I've always wanted to be a gangster ," directed by Benchetrit. You also , if that shunned by critics ...


During the study , Anna landed some roles in the theater and made his first steps in the cinema in the movie " Terminal " Francis Girod before, then " ancient history " to appear in the " captive " Chantal Ackerman ORSO Miret. In spite of his conquests in the world of cinema , but Anna is a young actress , among others. In order to survive financially , she decided to go in parallel with the modeling.

Finally, you can turn the wheel Claude Chabrol when , fascinated by the unusual sound of a young woman who says her role in the movie " Nightcap " and then meets with general success . But in fact, in 2002 - when the famous Chanel da give him the status of Moses - a young woman who becomes a key figure in all of cinema in the world of fashion .