Saturday, August 10, 2013

Welcome to the Roses

First, it is the design that attracts, comedy remains a hobby between her and her sister, they perform within four walls of her room. That's why his parents were more than surprised when she felt hopeless adolescence attracted by the drama, and without saying anything, she sent a letter to an agent and received a positive response. This gesture announces its brand motivation and independence, even if they tenderly loves his parents, it will never read one of his scripts ...

At 16, she landed a role in a TV movie French - "Tania Borealis" - and connects faster, including "Star of Summer" and "Notebooks young people." One who has never been on TV (and still do not), attack with the same enthusiasm as a TV film his first movie role (in 2002, in "Summer Olga"). A year later, she embodies a flap in "Welcome to the Roses".

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