Sunday, June 9, 2013

Freida Pinto : The world of angels

From a wealthy family, she received her education in private institutions and earned a degree in English at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. Building the perfect little face and trick him quickly open the doors of India's elite agency. And then linking campaigns for De Beers, Visa or eBay, then appeared on the cover of several magazines. However, none of these bring much unique. Finally, without a way to make some television programs, ...

Crossed by Danny Boyle and carry six months of tests to finally provide international visibility thanks to the success of Slumdog Millionaire, projects quickly to the heart of attention.

By the way, allowing the incredible success of the film (in fact, he did not win any less than eight Oscars) Pinto unique to deal with the red carpet. In the few months of promotions and celebrations (where flooded bonuses), he discovered the world of angels and the great natural grace unprecedented whisper that this is just the beginning, it seems ...

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