Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dita in 2005

His appearance always prim, hinders skirts, and bore his garments, and porcelain skin makes being away, and embodies femininity pushed to the limit, and which will soon be the interest of the fashion world.
But at the same time, and beautiful, on the contrary, the picture of a true artist at heart (she excels in ballet), and occurs in many of the scenes, which was capture the attention of his dances punk, suits retro chic, looked like a pin-up from another era and scenery bold. It is also a result of Charlie's Angels Cameron Diaz or seen dancing around a giant martini glass ...

In 2005, the and Dita sculptural suddenly the center of attention by marrying the King of trash Gothic, Marilyn Manson. Headlights on it The contradiction between vulgarity ambient temperature and petticoats, stockings and corset Heather is striking. Fine then performs a number while remaining fiercely erotic suggestive position raises enthusiasm, and open the doors of trade as a stripper. I decided to find a stage name, which is "Dita" (a tribute to silent film actress Dita Parlo) and "Treese" (located in the directory, and loves the sound of it). However, he was named "Von Teese" after the magazine misspelled ...

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