Saturday, March 2, 2013

Miss Fanning

At the same time, Miss Fanning lead a relatively normal life: the lessons learned from his grandmother (until 2007), and taught piano lessons and dance lessons, intensive girl loves to eat ice cream and yogurt Marilyn Monroe wearing a Halloween party.

However, entry into the closed circle of Sofia Coppola thinks - it's one of the main roles in the movie "Somewhere" the Golden Lion at the 67 Venice Film Festival - could upset his young life. It is true that the Ballerina teen risk now sought to be strong, as well as members of the Board of Directors in the luxury industry.

Suffice it to note how they are new in the toilet recently Valentino, Rodarte Azzaro infiltrated or view it in the future favorite of fashion houses. Between branded clothing wears, with openness and teenagers wearing clothes every day is 100% of the new favorite of Coppola appears elsewhere immunized against PAS Fashion Fu ...

However, when I paid him what reporters his taste in fashion at the age of adolescence are the answers - and not monkeys Doppe - girl carrying her. She admits that she often jeans, and appreciate Marc Jacobs, because ... Already brought one of the groups, like the fifties dresses (reminiscent idol Marilyn Monroe) and enjoy going to use in her sister's closet Dakota ...

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