Saturday, January 26, 2013

Really Eva Green

But who is really Eva Green? Girl? Of course ... Not only his mother, Marlene Joubert, a star of the 70s, but success can be summarized Eva in his inheritance. Very early young Eva felt like look at Eva St. Paul recorded in Paris and learn the basics for three years in the theater.

Then her mother, her gaze and advises. However, know that Eva because they do not want to pursue a career Marlene Joubert same, she sees herself more cerebral, more tragic ... This explains later rarity (about a movie in a year). She studied in England at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art

They also recognize that behind the desire to be on stage, is an actress need to allow him to exist, and to express their feelings and directing. Theater plays in France, it would be even nominated for her role in Molière in "three fax blind". Then crosses his path with Bertolucci, after you know ...

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