Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Little Lara Stone

That is, this clone little Lara Stone in a dream is more casual photographers or designers. Child, Georgia, and built up "personal stylist" Jerry Hall ... I felt Moreover, endothelial is what his mother ignored their skirts small, dominated the women more than 50 years. According to later be fashion in the blood and be interested in all its aspects, both commercial and artistic.Yes, but now, young and Georgia at the moment no time to lose in several projects. I must say that his mother forced him to continue his studies, that modeling can not replace a good education academic. Jerry Hall and her own to take a good example to give his children.

Was parallel to his career as a model and actress, is the ex-wife of Mick Jagger in a position to give them education on mutual respect and trust, without forgetting Ultra instill principles of a healthy lifestyle. Georgia did not disclose the fame, abhor those IT-girls who have their loans approved by physical and their names, and 100% organic food in the refrigerator for Jagger family.
However, like it or not, Georgia May actually coming from anonymity to the protected media so far. Seems difficult to fashion a young loving lips stamped Rolling Stones ...

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