Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Georgia Jagger

 Sales in full swing in the country, "it" girl: While sisters Olsen make more headlines in the news, Paris Hilton seems to have put a damper on waste him and that Geldof to the media of non-existence, and here the newcomer to the ratios authentic take some time, and the field of fashion. Through a contract with RIMMEL, Georgia Jagger achieved only joined the world of "girls" think ...

Greed smile, teeth luck, sullen Oval ... Has received more than one name, daughter of Mick Jagger and model Jerry Hall and illustrious parents, subject already Genetic between beautiful people bankable. Therefore, it is not surprising that such brand RIMMEL has developed an eye on Georgia youth, and is placed in the hope of increasing success in Mosul. Because if RIMMEL campaign is one that will be spread on the face of a young woman abroad, it is not the battle for the first time in the middle of ...

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