Sunday, January 20, 2013

Freida Pinto

Unknown to the public a few weeks ago, is this beautiful young woman quickly became the darling of the areas of fashion and film industries and cosmetics. I must say that the delicate beauty and the destruction of Slumdog Millionaire actress can not go unnoticed ...

Huge glowing eyes smiling slim figure fine and ... The gravity of Freida Pinto has no spectators escaped from the film Danny Boyle. However, this came from an unidentified young woman in another part of the reality, and the vast majority of them and persuade and wonderful as it is, unique is a newcomer to the world of cinema.

Indian girl of 24 years old, born in Bombay, so all of the conductors "shallow grave", the resolution - among the hundreds of aspiring actresses - embodies Latika. Boyle said later that the discovery of Kelly Macdonald equivalent unique cast interested in ...

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