Sunday, January 20, 2013

Eva Green

Face serious and seduces charming aura of mystery or dark silhouette of the actress, John Galliano? In any case, Eva Green will play the new fragrance from Dior: poison midnight. "His dark materials: The Golden Compass", a name that fits him like a glove and strange echo next role in a young woman is ...

Miss Green is pleased she plays with the forces of evil magician, dark and complex character. Said to be attracted to the rich roles, and put a long rhyme with often complex. Dior perfume's new ambassador ... She has come a long way since Bertolucci film a little Eva bare where they are made.

If some time ago, a reporter asked her if she had tried working with the big names in the fashion industry, it seems to find a young woman, a silly idea what so hard to perceive himself as a star. Young describes itself as a "negative narcissist" are always looking for approval and seems constantly in search of confidence.

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