Saturday, December 29, 2012

Role of a mother - Kate Winslet

It is next to Johnny Depp they play the role of a mother of three children, and that disables the author of Peter Pan, "Neverland." Post is a bitter comedy that was Kate Winslet in the ego in the person of Cameron Diaz. "Holiday" is not a masterpiece, but complicity of the two actresses in fact a beautiful film.

Fans nostalgic for the couple to make them formed with Leonardo DiCaprio to ensure it is. Filming "Revolutionary Road", which combines the two sides Kate Winslet is also a woman of character that has been removed all the fashion magazines from her home to her daughter Mia bit is not affected by the dictates of fashion, which looks tougher than ever needs the thinness.

If connecting and working in Hollywood films, is Kate Winslet, and not the product of its kind, with a focus on family life but she refuses to have plastic surgery, her husband, director Sam Mendes, she could not bear to touch her face. Government representative also got everything you want: a husband, and children, and roles without success after pseudo-aesthetic rules of fame.

Perfect model of femininity, is not it? In September, broadcast spot from Peter Lindbergh, who has Kate Winslet Pont Arts Palace in Paris, directed and Tresor by Lancome fragrance of beautiful binary image of Kate ...

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