Sunday, December 2, 2012

Katie Holmes

Was 17 years old, and in the summer, she participated in the modeling competition, which was held in New York. This is the statement that the contractor and asked him to go casting for the film by Ang Lee, "ice cream." Katie managed to convince her father that was to try his luck. It fly with her mother to Los Angeles or site selection.

I got the part, and when you're turning back quietly in Ohio. But now it has found its way Katie: they must be represented. Then begins the musical line with his school and take the project to the end. And begin to look at it, he offered the role of Buffy particularly against vampires, but Katie refuses because she got her diploma.

Shortly after they heard that the writer of shouting and launched a series of searches of their representatives. The help of her mother, they filmed and sent the tape to the production. All fall under the spell of this fresh face slightly and youth

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