Monday, November 19, 2012

Kirsten Dunst

Finally, for this season, as if the young woman seems completely exempt level dictates of fashion, but always near or far, follow the trend, but if it is that creates ... In the real America, and clothes and she has no respite from fashion and yet they always know the dress, both simple, but incredibly trendy.

A T-shirt, ballet flats and a pair of glasses or freedom of print and derbies, and here lies the secret of dress Kirsten Dunst was elegant and unique. If the trend continues belts Kirsten outline may understand that it was a safe bet, and it is one of the first to be accepted. Combination is still for a short period, she has the secret to make the parts is unlikely, laptops, and of course ...

A real character, and the independence of some of watching another life, a unique look and charm are all the ingredients needed for that Kirsten Dunst is closed part of the harem stamped "fashion icons", where since Chloe Sevigny and Lazareanu Irina.....

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