Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kirsten Dunst , Fills the Screen

They are a beautiful couple and thanks to their talent and writing text neat and precise, it avoids emotions. We believe that Kirsten Dunst more attention to his choice. If economic success will not Elizabeth, and this does not sublimate his personality and actress accountability Crowe, who certainly one of his best roles.

 Then comes the time to reunite Marie Antoinette Sofia anachronistic. This is the first time that are mainly based on the film Kirsten Dunst's shoulders. Women must reflect on the Archduchess of 14 years, and come to Versailles to marry Crown Prince ... Kirsten Dunst and fills the screen, is, as is the case in its best moments the film, which has a population of personality.

Has captured the complexity of the role, and playing with quality, and between sobriety and fantasy. It is difficult to understand how not nominated for an Oscar for his performance ... Then recently, as was the girlfriend of Spiderman and found in the bathrooms. Survey many films in a short time that the woman left. This is why, when it is finished filming Spider-Man 3, gives the girl a break.

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