Monday, November 19, 2012

Kirsten Dunst - Fashion

What she did recently to reveal the name of her new boyfriend Johnny Borrell, Razorlight member of the group: "I think that some people meant to be together to find, It's fate .." She likes that it is not an actor, because, according to them, facilitate relationships between people. They also expressed their conviction now a soul mate ...

Kirsten Dunst is also the world of fashion is true, it is far from madness Nicole Richie and exaggerated Lindsay Lohan fashion version. Miss Dunst miss trend, but the impression that they are on their hands.

It maintains this morning humor casual look elegant on the runway of the airport, and almost virginal elegance on the red carpet. , A little fresh and eggs sharp Kirsten and knows the mystique of potential stress on permeability and clear suddenly ballet, pants and blouse freedom wayfarers ...

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