Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lou Doillon - Actress

Angrily if internally, but did not say anything, not for lack of service and volatile, more recently, and orders not to spend a snake in front of goal. Because if the film of Doillon if he flew in his 19 years, including "see how the run" and "white" because the film is looking for something less.

His mother, father, or that it's half-sister of Charlotte Gainsbourg, all smiles at the age of 30: Young is everything and then ask yourself what will happen to him and doubt if any? At the age of 14 years, she was told that the actress was a good job on the second, but they should be able to get a new ...

This is what makes it through the development of all interests: drawing, painting and music but also theater, where he read to 25 May, Edith Piaf, Apollinaire, Elvis Presley and Celine in an intimate messages. Read with charm without emotion, dressed in bright pink hair and up to Josephine, and the emergence of pattern in the Council.

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