Friday, April 20, 2012

Beating Tracy Rosenbaum

It is true that beating Tracy Rosenbaum and his freshness of Jean Seberg, and studied his style symbols combined natural and stylish men's bonds. Mostly flat (accuracy was greatest following the fashion in all parts), made this figure gradually recognized and the minimum pure at heart, kidney, and it seemed in many cases well.

When we love, and makes Jean friend knotted intelligent terrible sent by wearing moccasins with jacket and polished with a belt of skin-associated, but if the shirt jeans with buttons at the beginning of a short period MINI, when the storm all seamen / Sports Shoes / drilled by necklace turquoise or because they dare, the total Coco research in Deauville (the story of his hair short and you allow him to play down passengers) is ...

Then one can legitimately wonder where this method very successful. The answer is certainly in his tattoo inscribed with the "creation, live and learn." This slogan requires that the energy that is very Sartorialist Assistant Champagne puts in its appearance, but also the time to learn the way to the hearts of the warehouses of your favorite wine, and courage that animates when choosing their own clothes. Girl to follow ...

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