Friday, February 10, 2012

Raquel Zimmermann

Since this winter, it seems that Raquel is everywhere: the gap model of the campaign, the silhouette of Chloe, and Moses for the collection of Viktor and Rolf for H & M and oversized face on posters promoting the Chanel glasses, Raquel everywhere. But not tired, yet very different, not quite the same, the Brazilian has been established in a horizontal position, without any noise.

Seems to be really the case, while his colleagues in the grunge look and the cool power of being a very loose run wild, Raquel is always impeccable, and class, the Prime Minister. For modeling, it is a function like any other and must be of good appearance. I tried this vision of them young models that begin to divide. Little sister, she warns of the temptations which they are exposed to many of these actions: loss of appetite, and a large head, is not serious ... In any case, Raquel Zimmermann, and a bit of good students in the fashion world, share some of the Prices ...

At the time, left turns, and she realizes that all the stops in one day. This is not worried because she has time for anything at the moment, and began to envy the happy moments when they can start on a tour around the world, as they dream of ...

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