Saturday, August 13, 2011

The fishnet tank top Summer

Greedily seizing the last detail Marant, the press soon then not the famous plebiscite marcel offering him a prominent place in the fashion spreads of the season. Soon after, it was the turn of Kate Bosworth - Marant's girl if any - to copy / paste the stylistic gimmicks parade of his favorite creative, contributing to the rehabilitation of that marcel.

Between the silhouettes of podiums styling perfectly studied, flattering photographs on glossy paper and attractive pictures of Miss Bosworth, doubt began to creep: What if wearing fishnet marcel had become possible?

Indeed, it now appears possible to succumb to the call of this kind of tank top, the fashionistas who want to adopt it will still have to take precautions moult. It will be so he put a dress code natural, casual and a bit boho by choosing just loose (but never shrink) and sulking in the dark - and any other color - in favor of an ivory white. Avoid also to marry other sportswear items and to highlight its "fishnet" (we think for this at the top superimposed on a tone on tone).

However, even ultra trendy, the marcel fishnet is a dangerous play that could quickly tip us into vulgarity. Those who do not feel the soul of a Kate Bosworth should therefore not hesitate to refrain ...

The Fishnet Tank Top

It is not uncommon for a piece at first glance becomes prohibitive highly desirable in the eyes of the fashion world once stamped Isabel Marant. This season, thus the marcel fishnet who finds himself suddenly propelled to the front of the stage ...

Cheap material par excellence, the mesh net is seen so far refused - rightly - the entrance to the locker room edgy fashionistas.

Yes but now, loving nothing better than to test their ability to transform into a product must have has-been, designers have recently decided that now would be otherwise. Last September, Isabel Marant and tried - with varying degrees of success - to erase the aura of low-end marcel fishnet by incorporating it into some of her looks spring / summer 2011.

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