Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Plus Size Pants

Once again, we will not announce the death of lean, and it definitely included the basic to the family. However, it may coincide with the arrival and the return of good weather, and shorts a lot of respect for our blood ...

In Paul Smith, Investment and wide trousers and masculine and feminine silhouettes. DNA to win a stylish, they will have the opportunity, a good shortcut, ten inches, while the die if the grant of such courting style tomboy look of a fine. Decorated with a half-transparent jacket in the middle and slipped a pair of derbies can wear pants, as seen by Paul Smith and then easily moved into the tanks we have in the house, for an indefinite period.

And just up to an additional fluids his hips, looking men's trousers, designed by Phoebe Philo, warm that we really want to rely on the long term. Take out of sportswear also avoids the very serious to make the silhouette of Celine by a healthy dose of transparency, making it ideal for the severity of her sexy leather top balance.

Have succumbed to other known denim fabrics fine fabric dries Van Noten yet casual charm of jeans. To the size of the next summer and trousers and wide, sometimes raw and sometimes white, and then he was happy with the gun in the sleeve chiciser glitter and mini jackets.

If you choose only one, and certainly models dries Van Noten, wide and long and high is barely enough to convert, because it seems that comfort is the thousand and one possible stylistic. It is also noted that the reserved shorts Paul Smith for the smaller ankle and one of us.

Manish Shirt

Seem to permeate many of the childish imagination "that" of the season, it is not surprising to see one of the men's clothing basic review of each corner: a white shirt as an excuse to multiple interpretations of this pattern.

In Nicolas Ghesquière (Balenciaga), said in the lining of bad marriage sewing room. Mixing a metal collar points - borrowed from the punk movement - and elegant work environment (inherent in the evening), it is converted to a hybrid model for the rebels in the refinement.

Is transferred dries Van Noten is the coordination of the usual white shirt, classic style to easy, stylish and casual. To do this, designers have turned out in a simple liquette is to enhance the flavor of a rock by a shimmering neutral, and the formation of a puzzle of the most elegant new convincing.

Ralph Lauren in the United States, if it is meant to be a white shirt XXL is in the "Wild West". The mutate cotton dress, and the model in fact amérindianisé saddle of leather jacket with a margin of some of the Sioux and jewelry.

Rock chic, classic or bohemian open: a white shirt in the summer of 2011 stands out in all styles. So we do not sulk this piece timeless, Accessories Sent: Some views produce both sharp and clear.

Large parts of the fourth Petticoat

Mad men, let alone this winter, and come in mid-calf length skirt is doing this season, he played rock in the dance lightly. With a very liquid - a transparent sometimes - often pastel shades (or land), these skirts with romantic charm and scope of the seventies to give more females than ever before.

Hannah Mac Gibbon when the dancers themselves from the Paris Opera in the group, unfortunately, she forget about the difference in the most exclusive, which mutate "copy and paste." In other words, when the triple jersey / liquid tulle / ballet is clear that certain charm, is proposed Chloe down to earth, to be taken seriously.
Derek Lam with petticoat lose its first stage, wearing a precious folds (which would also not deny Issey Miyake). Everyone has a look with the white top of the screen transparency humble, he wants without all the Zen and then sports, and an elegant border.

Bold color combinations and clear, and the Fendi celebrates the romance of the necessary fluids, both bohemian and gay seventies. In partnership with tangerines with the signal, red touch of color beige powder skirt surrounding the birth of the calf and the gains in vitality and modernity.

When it is expected to be limited to movies Chloe on the red carpet, the length of the skirt liquid lunch, sometimes folded, sometimes colored, without moderation will be consumed by the arrival of spring ...

Acrylic Beads

Acrylic Beads

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