Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tracy Rosenbaum

Since the surge of street style, Giovanna Battaglia, Lauren Santo Domingo and Yasmin Sewell - young women connected to the ultra small world of fashion - have seen their allure as a model by many fashionistas. Among the new recruits of the new tribe of girls "sartorialisées" photographer's assistant Himself, Tracy Rosenbaum, stands apart from the game ..

They are some of systematic crackling flashes arrival around parades. Yet it is neither of the actresses or singers, or models ... Working closely or remotely in fashion, these girls have a quickdraw which has not been slow to make them famous in the microcosm street style.

With her tomboy look brainy, Tracy Rosenbaum was a priori not intended to enter the pantheon of socialites sublimely lookées punching the floors of their Haussmann 14 cm. Her short haircut and his tastes were more casual than glamorous indeed make us think that the targets would only graze, without stopping to take his picture.

It is with pleasure - and some surprise - that we saw the former design student and now assistant Scott Schumann begin to appear on street style sites. Garance Doré was one of the first to dedicate him a ticket, doing so introduces its readers a nice character, relatively far from the stereotype that women could not help but mentally built over the posts of the Sartorialist .

It is true that Tracy Rosenbaum hit with its freshness to Jean Seberg, and studied his natural style mixing codes chic menswear and borrowings. Most often flat (so that the heels were so far around the catwalks of rigor), it has gradually made a recognizable silhouette and sleek, which under its paces minimalist, often finely sought.

We love and when it makes the jeans boyfriend terribly smart in the range with polished loafers and a blazer that accompanies a leather belt tied artfully, but also when a denim shirt buttoned up high on a mini short, when a twister is all seafood / Sneakers / trench coat with a turquoise necklace or when it dares the total look at Deauville Coco (his short haircut and Wayfarers allow him to play down) ...

One can then legitimately wonder where this style comes so successful. The answer is certainly in his tattoo, which is inscribed, "Live, Learn, Create". This mantra evokes the energy that perfectly bubbly assistant Sartorialist is in its looks, but also the time to learn how the heart of his favorite vintage boutiques and the daring that inspires when it consists her outfits.

Roxane Mesquida

The actresses who become figures of how we have already seen and we will see again (Anna Mouglalis, Lou Doillon ...). But the latest arrival on the fashion shoots is worth examining a few moments because it is not surprising that we find everywhere in the months ahead.

While trying to learn more about the young actress Roxane Mesquida, staged in the new ad campaign Vannina Vesperini lingerie. Sexy, rock'n'roll and romantic, the beautiful brunette has found a new role on measurement. Born in Marseille, at 13, the director Marcel Pradal the cue to play in Marie Baie des Anges. But Catherine Breillat who will tell the public with "To my sister! . Since she continues filming with the director, it is this last which presented his agent.

Yet to start nothing predisposed the young girl to be an actress. She believed that all people of the area were "unhappy and suicidal" and preferred to move towards the study of English. But from the first test for "Marie Baie des Anges", the trade was an actress for her evidence. His model: Romy Schneider.

The girl told refractory to study acting, she prefers to let its share of mystery to the game and be more realistic in its interpretations. The modeling? After his first film, she enrolled in an agency but the atmosphere did not like him very quickly ...

Roxana seems to be very independent, very Rock and Roll and atypical fashion to alert the world. His little face fiercely already won gold and the goal of Sonia Sieff, and continues to run fine. Passionate about art, though in his time admiring Scarlett Johansson, she keeps a certain distance from the film and denies he governs his life: the recipe for success?

Continued ...

Daphne Burki

Sparkling wishes, sublime natural and fashionistas at heart, Daphne Burki has become in a few years the Miss Fashion Channel. His tone shifted his impertinence and his antennae trends have indeed attracted not only the public but also the very famous Loïc Prigent. Enough to fit the estate of Miss Agnes ...

Happy little UFO in the audiovisual landscape, Daphne Burki is currently one of the best reasons to turn his television. Released in the clear when the Special Edition, this beautiful little lass is in effect is free electron, renovating brilliantly the concept of glamor on the encrypted channel. Stylish from head to toe, with only dictates the freedom of expression dress, it radiates waves of cathode explosive vitality, giving more complexed of us want to engage enthusiastically in a fashion which - through humor Burki - wants more playful than dictatorial.

Decidedly Channel seems to have a knack for finding rare gems that can demystify the fashion sphere. Indeed, after Miss Agnes, who managed to decipher trends and parades with inimitable banter (but mostly unpublished in the middle), Daphne Burki has managed to impose his recipe (composed of burlesque, beating heart of personal and micro stories pointed), dust suppressant, frankly, the status of fashion columnist.

At only 28 springtime, Daphne Burki is already showing a nice route: before being noticed by the television and take his first steps on the small screen as a journalist multidisciplinary (covering much of political literature), she officiated at Dior as a stylist. It did not take long to realize that production for this young woman to heightened sensitivity mode was a real girl it become capable of making the most hilarious of any individuals ...

The beautiful and very soon found himself promoted to columnist fashion on the set of The Morning. It was enough to see this young brunette briefly detail a pattern of unusual tone Interior to understand that his place was not the other. Moreover, propelling it turns columnist "We are not angels," "The Morning" and "The Special Edition", Canal seems determined to keep the good graces of Daphne.

Gradually, the fine is now inescapable: her clothes are all plebiscites to young designers she likes (Heimstone Valentine Gauthier trends point to focus its ...), preview of future must-haves, while its lessons in style brought before a green screen - requires special effects - we kindly explain how to be fashionable right. Without ever seeming to take himself seriously, this fan of Alexis Mabille is nevertheless become one of the most reliable radar hype in fashion.

Now who says hype "Colette: The temple of hipness could decently without this rising star absolutely off-standard. Thus Colette TV hastened to give him his teleshopping luxury that allowed Daphne to excel in what would become one of his predilections formats: parody tongue-in-cheek ultra fashionable. Shortly thereafter, Sun proposes to turn his mini commercials ("The lessons stunning fashion Daphne Burki and Sun Up") in which she demonstrates the qualities of the product so irresistible as to make us forget the commercial purpose operation.

The personality and charisma of the young woman could not leave indifferent any longer Loïc Prigent, to whom we owe the famous "Dress for ...". The reporter - specialist reports in which he analyzes caustic without filters microcosm of fashion - has chosen to make the latest tribulations of Miss Burki. This is the show "26 minutes of celebrity, where she sifts through the latest fads of the stars, all on your nerdy Burkinesque making any other celebrity magazine ...

In his private life, Miss Burki seems to be the same as the screen: spontaneous, joyful and curious to test everything. So when it reveals the contents of her closet Punky B, we discover a plethora of clothes, ranging from vintage knitting (shoppe on Brick Lane during his frequent escapes London) to the prototype Dior, passing through Parts fetishes unlikely that will prove terribly chic once worn by Miss ...

If it had not yet understood, Daphne Burki is an Epicurean fashion, in which the concept of fashion faux pas does not exist. His spontaneity against frivolous clothing, total freedom it allows itself and its sense of reality (well before putting the person's closets) have transformed this young mother into a sort of icon next door, which has Surely not all of us spellbound ...

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The new Kate Winslet

New face of Lancome, Kate Winslet has never been so beautiful. The iconic status afforded it by this collaboration will certainly please. It was time, so that fashion is the cult of youth, that the actresses thirtysomethings show they have nothing to envy the ubiquitous small starlets on the scene of it girls.

In its September edition, the British magazine Harper's Bazaar has devoted an entire series of photos to Mrs. Winslet. This literally radiates glossy paper, with its refined silhouette, her blond hair and candid eyes determined. We feel that this woman is far from being a picture. Both Madonna and slender, Kate Winslet shows brilliantly that time can be an ally, that the race for the cult of youth and extreme thinness is not the only way to stay on top.

It is good that women are blooming erected as a model. Mother and wife filled, the actress counts off his career pace of his shots in heart, far from thinking of mass marketing, she prefers to attend movies that speak to him. And it seems to succeed. Lancôme in doubt made the right choice, Kate Winslet is one of her women of character and intrigue subjugate. Much more than some future muses muses or Chanel ...

Kate Winslet

On 11 June, Lancôme announced at a private party on behalf of his new muse ... So Kate Winslet who will lend his image to the famous brand of cosmetics and perfume at Treasury. She succeeds among others Ines Sastre, Isabella Rossellini, Daria Werbowy and Uma Thurman.

At age 31, the actress has everything to best fulfill its role as an ambassador of the perfume Treasury. Much more beautiful than twenty years, thirty triumphant, serene and confident, Kate Winslet is one of those women whose beauty is only accentuated with time. This would compare it to Sophie Marceau will carve their features, the oval face becomes clearer and pupae become butterflies.

Well let's not exaggerate, the ladies were very pretty in their infancy, but a certain maturity, they look great. Kate Winslet is an actress surprising and unexpected that likes challenges. Very young, she took acting classes, confirming his talent. She is an actress, the young English is obvious.

At 13, she appeared in an advertisement, she continues to follow its course and surveyed the castings. Having played in "heavenly creatures", she went to USA where the American public discovered in two productions in costume: "Jude and Hamlet," then in "Sense and Sensibility" by Ang Lee. But this year its 22 years life of the young woman will change radically. 1997 is the year of Titanic, Leonardo Di Caprio and the global success of the film by James Cameron.

Kate Winslet is catapulted to world stardom, however, she decided to concentrate on smaller projects, human-sized "Marrakesh Express" and "Holy Smoke". The actress fears of being trapped in the stereotype of Rose, his character in Titanic, then she juggles a register to another and participates in sharp movies, different from "The Life of David Gale", thriller dealing of capital punishment, the sublime "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind," which brilliantly revisits the codes of romantic comedy.

Then it alongside Johnny Depp will play the role that a mother of three children who upsets the author of Peter Pan in "Finding Neverland". Lately it's a bittersweet comedy that Kate Winslet was his alter ego in the person of Cameron Diaz. "Holiday" is not a masterpiece, but the complicity of the two actresses did a film enjoyable.

That nostalgic fans of the couple she formed with Leonardo DiCaprio to worry, she is currently filming "Revolutionary Road", which unites the two actors. Kate Winslet is also a woman of character that has removed all the fashion magazines from her home to her daughter Mia is not influenced by the dictates of fashion that seem ever more stringent requirements in terms of thinness.

If she continues working on movies and Hollywood, Kate Winslet is not a product of its kind and focuses on his family life. She refuses to have any recourse to cosmetic surgery: her husband, director Sam Mendes, she could not bear to touch his face. The actress also considers that it has got everything she wanted: husband, children, roles and success without following the pseudo rules of aesthetic star system.

A perfect model of femininity, is not it? By September, the commercial directed by Peter Lindbergh, who portrays Kate Winslet on the Pont des Arts in Paris, will be broadcast and the Lancôme fragrance Trésor see his image enhanced by the beautiful Kate ...

Andre Leon Talley

Well known to readers of American Vogue, Andre Leon Talley is one of the most influential critics of the fashion world. His tall stature, his extravagant costumes custom-made and huge dark glasses made him a colorful character, without which the parade would not have the same flavor.

Born in 1949, Andre Leon Talley was raised by his grandmother. While working all week as a housekeeper, it has managed throughout the childhood of little Andre Leon to offer him a loving home, he keeps a happy memory. He grew up in an America where segregation was still raging. He had to endure in silence a lot of harassment, but always with a sense of worth and dignity.

It was his French teacher who gave him a taste for literature, aesthetics and art, which will influence throughout his life ... As a teenager, he was quickly attracted by fashion. So, one afternoon in June, he discovered a number of Vogue in the small local newspapers, and he became an avid reader.

When he was asked later where he had acquired his unerring sense of style, it include Vogue, but his grandmother took him to Mass on Sunday. During the service, he watched the women who had put on their thirty-one, and he understood what elegance. "You'll see beautiful women, beautiful hats and gloves to match. They were people without much money, but they had a dramatic appearance, especially on Sundays! "

Despite his taste for fashion, he began studying French. After graduation, he moved to New York where he joined the elite of the avant-garde artists who had Andy Warhol and Bianca Jagger. At that time, very few African-Americans were allowed in that environment, even less in fashion journalism.

His first job as a freelance fashion, he got 28 years' Women's Wear Daily ", not without cause concern among his colleagues who were not accustomed to rub shoulders on equal terms a person of color. Despite the angry looks, Andre Leon Talley continued in this way. Diana Vreeland, the editor in chief of Vogue from 1962 to 1971, befriended him and Talley for his protege. In addition to the direction of Vogue, she had to bear the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Andre Leon Talley took it as his assistant.

Stitches in Time, Talley became popular someone in the middle. He later worked at the "Interview" and the "New York Times, eventually joining Vogue in 1983 as news editor of fashion. Barely five years later, he was promoted to art director and acquired, by this title, a formidable power in the world of fashion.

He took advantage of this position to highlight the work of African-American stylists, designers and asked to open up the melting pot by choosing more colors for their models of fashion shows and advertising campaigns. He was completely incoherent as a claw selling abroad does not include in his show all types of nationality.

He left Vogue in 1995, hired by W, and flew to France where he was director of the Paris offices of the magazine. In 1998, he returned to Vogue as a columnist. His paper, entitled "Stylefax" are expected and read avidly. Since then, the column has changed: it appears once a month and is called "Life with André". In 2003, he left his memoir, "ALT", tracing its path.

All will agree to say that Andre Leon Talley is the reference African-American fashion, and that no one has yet matched. Andre Leon Talley is to fashion what Tiger Woods is to golf: the unexpected excellence. In 2003, the "Council of Fashion Designers of America" awarded him the prize Eugenia Sheppard award for his work as a fashion journalist. Talley said, tongue-in-cheek, that this price should have been awarded since long.

For over 30 years, Talley has reserved his place at the forefront of all parades alongside Anna Wintour, Paris to Milan via New York and London. He has worked and still works with the actors most prestigious fashion and Hollywood. His friend Karl Lagerfeld (who he knew since 1975, when Andy Warhol presented) has drawn long coats, so that his corpulence still retains a more opulent look noble. Talley describes his coats with the derision that is dear to him: "As a teepee where they could accommodate a family of Lilliputians.

Andre Leon Talley, is both a sacred monster, a fashion icon, but also a little boy who never ceases to be amazed by the creativity of designers. He has, despite its reputation, keep a look unbiased making him a sure and respected in terms of style and trends to follow.

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Mert & Marcus

The photography duo Mert & Marcus, a real darling of luxury homes for almost over a decade, never fails to enchant creators, who regularly give their Moult campaigns. However, their strong aesthetic bias - which caused a sensation in the early 2000s - began to weary critics, who accuse them of their ubiquity in the heart of the fashion landscape ...

Although they are becoming victims of their success, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott does not seem to suffer unduly, because if fashionista graze overdose on learning that they are still the ones who shoot the Miu Miu campaign, as the claws them to ask for more. It must be said that the ultra-slick style of the two men match perfectly to the world of luxury and advertising ...

It is the formation of their team in the mid 90s. The same age, both young men will meet around their common passion is photography. They are then each train to follow their path, one as an assistant camera, while the other has a small design boutique. However, their chemistry is so obvious to them after working some time together, they decide to unite professionally: Mert & Marcus was born.

Confident, they're going to canvass the magazines in London. Their portfolio is fly, and "Dazed and Confused" gives them immediately its coverage. It must be said clearly that their style with that slice of the 90s: while the photograph is then a pseudo arty aesthetic, Mert & Marcus realize ultra sophisticated still lifes, where their love of fireworks is assumed sparks.

The focus of their thinking lies in the appearance, and not in fact capture a particular expression or feeling. They build their photos step by step, almost surgically, requiring their model of endless hours spent in the hands of hairdressers and makeup artists, and making the editing tool their magic wand.

The English journalist Katie Grand longer considers them as painters and photographers. Indeed, once the photo shooted, the latter is far from complete. For the duo, this is the moment that their talent is expressed through a team ultra sharp imaging computer that enables them to become the maestros of a near-complete remodeling of their ordeal. Thus, they do not hesitate to raise a hue, sharpen or smooth as a mirror shine, to the point that women in their graphics palette become absolutely unreal, as icons of beauty fixed, glamor wax.

The result is aesthetically perfect, but says the artistic director of W magazine (Dennis Freedman), it was often difficult to know if the model is made "flesh and blood, or silicone. All engineering still screaming. Mert & Marcus become a sure and inescapable that by the actresses and singers should be immortalized, whose magazines must offer services and whose claws premium can not do without.

However, if their work - one of a kind - is worshiped by all players in the world of fashion, we must not forget that Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott are not small innovative geniuses that we like to have us believe. Indeed, on closer look, the kinship between them and the photographer Guy Bourdin (which from 1970 to his death was one of the most popular trade) is obvious. Except that Guy Bourdin knew how to renew on time, which does not seem to be the case of the duo ...

Yes but now, when Louis Vuitton, Missoni, Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Fendi, Miu Miu, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy and Lancôme tear your services, it is not easy to step back and understand that such an exposure is not necessarily the key to a successful long term.

It is nevertheless surprising that the luxury world, often in search of exclusivity, to demonstrate such consistency vis-à-vis Mert & Marcus. Indeed, the risk of tarnishing their image by participating in an advertising cloning (arising from the use of the same single-minded photographer), claws upscale continually plebisciting duo. Their pictures surreal charm, luxury and the patina of bias vaguely macho continuing to boost the "ratings" and sales, brands would be wrong to snub their pleasure.

The question is where is the breaking point, and how long will last almost divine protection enjoyed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott ...

Mario Testino

Pertussis cosmopolitan world of beautiful people, renowned photographer, uninhibited and talented Peruvian jovial desecrates the supermodels of the 90s to create other shortly after ... Mario Testino is one of the key elements of fashion is tod 'hui.

In 1954 in Peru by Mario Testino was born. His father is Italian, his mother half-Irish half-Spanish. He said later that he became was the result of this mixture of cultures: ancestors of different nationalities, studying in an American college, a childhood in the streets of Lima, the Peruvian beaches, girls in bikini, ... Traditional Inca contrasts that mark life and it will capture in his work and his preference for black and white.

Once an adult, he flew to London. England attracted him immediately, as it is different from the country where he comes. With friends, he rented an apartment in an old abandoned hospital and began trying to live the picture. For 25 pounds, he composed the books of young models. Gradually, it takes insurance and approach with his photos and magazines began to make fashion shoots. It was then that some encounters will change his life ...

Madonna, who discovered the work of the photographer in a magazine, contacted him directly and asked him if he would be photographed for an advertising campaign. Despite that the campaign of Versace is programmed with Richard Avedon, the singer has his way. For Mario Testino, who then was a fashion photographer, among others - enjoyed the environment, but far from being a star - it's a real chance.

When Testino gives the proofs of the shooting of Gianni Versace, it is packed and he says he has rarely seen a photographer who can both put the clothes in value. Gianni decides to precede the series of photographs with the inscription "Versace presents Madonna by Testino," something akin to a plebiscite of the Italian designer for this young photographer. Vogue and Vanity Fair host the ad campaign in their pages and became the photographer Testino to be reckoned with.

They are then asked to photograph the Princess Diana. When it comes face to her, he tries to create a relaxed atmosphere and let them play the music he heard before she enters the room. He began to mimic him girls parading on the catwalk, sketch a few dance steps and asked him to dance. It does not seem to have heard, and he repeated his request several times. She smiled and finally to answer it well before its application, but it is not Peru, just English ... The ice is broken, the shoot will be a success. And for the next ten years, Testino will be considered in the heart of English as the preferred photographer Diana.

Mario Testino is asked on all sides and is a fabulous address book. He is so influential that the models are chosen to photograph their careers explode. Testino is one who has had enough time during the reign of the top models who demanded money maddening for some poses, and he decided to seek new faces. He must include Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen, Catherine McNeil ...

If he is a guest star in the cream magazines, Mario Testino has not yet made the master stroke that will go down in history. It will shake the fashion establishment - with Carine Roitfeld at that time is his stylist - providing the necessary weapons to Tom Ford for Gucci event of the year. Under the objective of Mario Testino was born and the Porno Chic, which will make the creative heyday of Texas. A controversial figure, revered, Testino is finally put into orbit ...

Beyond his expertise and his undeniable talent as a photographer, Mario Testino has something extra that makes all love it: it embodies the joy of living. His photo sessions - some are in the theme - according to him are successful only if they are interspersed with peals of laughter.

Furthermore, while some photographers consider models just like pawns, he can not help but connect with the girls with whom he worked. He wants to know, go beyond their plastic and develop their personality, their mood, their ideas. He realized early in his career that his work occupies most of his life, and that if he did not take the fun with the people he photographed, his existence could be extremely boring.

Mario Testino is a photographer who analyzes his work in dissecting the cold, he lives in the moment. That is what fascinates him: to succeed in capturing an expression that did not exist before and after that no longer exists, give the impression that the photos capture a unique moment and fleeting, dressed in nothing or calculated. However, in fashion photography, bias may change in the spirit of the collections.

Sometimes, some have criticized as making too Testino in business, what he says is a fashion photographer foremost a person who portrays the garment, so they make you want to be bought: commercial aspect is clear. However, this does not prevent observers from recognizing the talent of whoever is behind, and to erect his work to the rank of artwork ...

Others say it is too focused on the business it generates, to the detriment of the artistic side of his profession. Mario Testino said that if he chose to be a fashion photographer, is precisely not to be a compartmentalized solitary artist in his studio. And he likes to see his work in magazines for everyone.

This man has captivated everyone who met him, his incredible bonhomie did sell all barriers. Therefore, Mario Testino is the only one who could capture the intimacy of the biggest stars, drop the masks. Hence his latest book, "Let Me In", which is a collection of unpublished photographs draw us into his world, where celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Adrien Brody Tom Ford and Nicole Kidman, engaged in natural.

At 60, Mario Testino is a recognized artist courted by Anna Wintour, who has exhibited in many prestigious galleries, which keeps jumping from one plane to another to shoot a particular country, and has reinvigorated good number of fashion houses with completely new style. But he remained a free man, who likes to laugh at everything and loves above all his country, Peru, despite the fact that there remains more vivid its main energy source.

Lady Amanda Harlech

Charis Wilson, Loulou de la Falaise, Gala ... All these women have influenced some point the work of famous men, by their presence, their spirit and beauty. They are muses, beings whose will stir up the creativity of artists. Amanda Harlech is undoubtedly part of this exclusive circle, as the English lady never ceases to feed the imaginations of fashion designers ...

At each show, when the man in ponytail comes through the crowd came to congratulate him, Lady Harlech is never far away. Along with Karl Lagerfeld for over 10 years, one that can boast a suite reserved at the Ritz six months per year does not define himself as a muse (name it deems obsolete), but rather as a person capable of sorting out ideas, making palpable mood of the season through the collections signed Lagerfeld. For its part, the master of the Rue Cambon this as his assistant.

Amanda Harlech, "Lady" since she married the English aristocrat Francis Ormsby-Gore, is part of this category of women whose list of qualities, both physical and intellectual, could cover several pages ...

Gracious to the extreme (she diligently practiced classical dance during his youth), it is provided with the innate elegance that allows him to wear any clothing with ease and speed. But it is also an erudite person, intelligent, charming and charismatic, appearing at ease both in a pair of Louboutins that in his riding boots ...

This fascinating fifties indeed shares his time between the preparation of many collections of Karl Lagerfeld and his English property. She kitchen, mounts his horse and darkens many books, sometimes referred to be published.

Originally from London, Amanda spends her childhood in a loving home and the high quality of life (his father is a renowned lawyer). By watching the ball dresses her mother - a woman with exceptionally beautiful - the little girl falls in love with the magic from the clothing. Like most girls, Amanda ballerina dreams then. Fearing that the practice of ballet makes him take a bad attitude (that of "feet away"), his parents, however, prefer direct it to riding ...

The fairy tale ends for Amanda at its eleventh year, when his parents decide to separate. She left the upscale Regent Street and its illustrious neighbors (Jonathan Miller, George Melly, Alan Bennett, ... etc.) or phase to become (Jasper Conran, it has become a friend). This does seem to be Amanda a child who excels in all, it is particularly good at the piano, painting and drama.

At the end of his academic career, she has a choice between the Royal College of Music, Fine Arts or Oxford. She chose Oxford. However, her life provided a different fate than that of a studious student ... Sophie Hicks, a close friend of Amanda, the uncoupling effect of a post fashion editor at Harpers & Queen and asked her to join him there. Some time later, Hicks flew at Vogue, leaving her place to Miss Harlech ...

Begins for the young woman an exciting time where she meets young promising photographers (such as Mario Testino) and collaborates with the designers of the moment. Despite this, Amanda Harlech has trouble adjusting to the sometimes overly commercial magazine, she dreams of being able to broadcast more than poetry, magic and madness through its fashion series.

Therefore, when she met a certain student of St. Martins School sharing his vision of fashion (John Galliano), she does not hesitate to resign and devote themselves to its service. She helps him complete his collection of year-end ... Thus began a close collaboration on the bottom of friendship. If Galliano could not afford to pay for Amanda, it does not care, catering to her husband's family.

This period ends abruptly blessed when chose to separate from her husband with this decision, it is indeed obliged to find a living. However, John Galliano is then being signed with Dior, whose leaders do not want to support the salary of his muse ...

At the same time, Karl Lagerfeld informed it that it is welcome home. Lady Harlech then finds himself before a tough choice: follow her friend - with whom she has just spent a very fulfilling 12 years - free of charge or enter the harem of Chanel, with the key result of a stamp. Necessity law, the girl band and joined the team of Karl Lagerfeld. Much to the disappointment of John Galliano, who considers his decision as a betrayal ...

First of all suspicious to him, the staff of the Rue Cambon eventually adopt when he realizes it will not take the place of anyone. It enchants and quickly entourage Karl, bringing a touch to the British House of Chanel (she does not hesitate to remind herself that Gabrielle Chanel was closely linked to England). Between his daily Parisian life more rustic side of the Channel, the beautiful also finds time to write a novel, Visions And A Decision that Lagerfeld proposes to publish ...

Viewpoint pure fashion, Amanda is often seen dressed in monochrome toilet, which does not prevent it from accumulating in his suite at the Ritz scratched sublime creations, which are the best days of his appearances at various fashion weeks. It also retains its English property some vintage dresses she needs to feel the presence, as they are carriers of happy memories or events.

Level dress code if it sees no need to follow trends to the letter, she considers it significant sense to change his manner of wearing a particular piece based on the times to keep his style appear offline without this.

Inspiration of early John Galliano, Lagerfeld eminence grise of the clan ... What is the next stage of romantic destiny of this "muse" in the modern sense of the term?

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