Thursday, August 19, 2010

The turquoise Isabel Marant

Between country style, charm and Urban quickdraw romantic, pretty girls were Isabel Marant This summer it all. Indeed, whether supported bolero, chiffon ruffles, fine or ultra low jogging cozy, they all naturally want cool, do not forget to feminize their silhouette shots of turquoise jewelry deliciously ...

Found embedded in the tombs of the Pharaohs, have always extracted in the quarries of Arizona and an integral part of Mexican crafts, turquoise stone is widely appreciated for its brilliance mat, the color blue and its ancestral legends. And if recent years, the turquoise was asleep in the jewel box stalls and other folk, she is back in force this season, jewelry component Must Have the summer of 2009.

By introducing the core of its collection, Isabel Marant could do more good for the stone (which have the purest blue lagoon, while others gain slightly towards green shades). Indeed, in true guru of fashionistas, it is sufficient that the designer is launching an idea for the latter to be repeated in a loop by the whole fashion sphere ...

Therefore, finding its aura of yesteryear, turquoise does not sulk his pleasure and winning in jewelry worked, called to feminize the restroom more "boyfriend" of the moment. Whether long earrings reminiscent of the aesthetic squaw or accumulation of bracelets on the wrist, these stones bring to the monochrome look a subtle twist from elsewhere.

If the looks are fresh and Isabel Marant desirable, it does not hesitate to divert the turquoise bohemian nature by making it live with the trappings of classic chic. A crew neck and oversize will work wonders on a good little black dress, while the earrings will be perfect with Scheherazade duo carrot pants black licorice and black bustier, and one or two bracelets Marlyn Schiff married this Balmain mini dress will do wonders ...

Isabel Marant at Net-a-Porter

Until now, Isabel Marant was one of those rare fashion players refusing to take advantage of e-commerce to boost their sales. That did not stopped him from revising its position on this subject: in January, this may shopper Isabel Marant's collection spring / summer 2010 on the Internet, and specifically in Net-a-Porter ...

Many fashionistas who, having thoroughly enjoyed the photos of any parade Isabel Marant, rushed the net to be able to order tweed jackets, waders and sarouels fuzzy ... in vain. It must be said that their favorite designer was one of the last to openly sulking e-shops of the canvas. Therefore impossible for those living outside the capital or near a large city which has Galeries Lafayette, curl up in a piece signed Isabel Marant ...

If this stance may seem unfair at first, once put in perspective with the general policy that Isabel Marant applies to his label, it is most logical.

Since its inception, the creator seems to particularly attached to his freedom of action, clearly showing his desire not to lose control or his image, nor its distribution. Thus, despite having received offers to buy more, Marant has never been absorbed by a large group.

Yes, but here, the economic turmoil which is currently subject to all the fashion sphere seem to have got the principles of independence Isabel Marant. Because the announcement comes across the net: Net-a-Porter has just won the Holy Grail, by obtaining the right to distribute the collection summer 2010 Isabel Marant.

By choosing the fief of Natalie Massenet take his first steps as "e-creative Isabel Marant has managed to find the right balance between exclusivity and openness toward inexorable advances in technology. The question is whether it will retain control and continued management of its highly exclusive image. Concept in principle not very compatible with e-commerce ...

Isabel Pumps

While many people who venture on the trails this season morphing shoesesque (sometimes leaving aside any aesthetic sense), others return to the fundamentals of shoe women by giving the classic pump on the front of the stage. Among them, we find that Isabel Marant, as usual, gives us a model with promising potential ...

Between knot at Louis Vuitton, crimson velvet Dolce & Gabbana and Prada heels signed, the majors have all delivered their vision of the ideal pump for the fall / winter 2010-2011. It must be said that the back, nothing will correct that fashionable slip into one of these neo-classical. Exit the pads so disproportionate to the glamorous assumed: the mood is now chic to spare while retaining, yet equipped with a touch of fantasy.

However, if the turn out delicious creations Louis Vuitton, both by their inventive alloy materials - velvet / rhinestones / leather - as their finely girly harmonies of colors, it will certainly be easier to opt for a model Isabel Marant certainly less refined, but the sling sweety will be equally likely to captivate the fans of casual chic fashionistas.

Choose cherry suede or licorice, these shoes will indeed be wise enough to make this little classic touch - a must this season - at least that would be required, while sporting a sexy look watermark. We also think to bring them barefoot, to highlight the sensuous attachment (often hidden under other boots and low boots, fashion) what the ankle.

We can then combine it with skinny pants 7 / 8 revealing just enough of the malleolus, a skirt to Dries Van Noten or foot-print-breasted Maje. Not forgetting to finalize everything by a loose mesh short, so never lose to a style more of Adam UPS-to-date.

Also easy to put on a pair of ballet shoes, these shoes Isabel Marant also transform a wink slim teen duo / sweatshirt dressed in sparkling trendy and has pointed ...

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Comptoir des Cotonniers

Between basics intelligent and trendy small pieces sprinkled with timeless collections of Comptoir des Cotonniers we propose a wardrobe suitable for urban desires. In 10 years, the brand has managed to make the "Comptoir des Cotonniers" a must for the shopping spree and teasing trends, while entering the heart of society through its innovative concept targeting the association mother / daughter.

While their competitors - such as Agnes B or APC - Are struggling to keep up their debut flamboyant, Comptoir des Cotonniers to flourish. The genius of this label is their ability to cover his tracks, between altruistic philosophy and marketing strategy, and implement their brand beyond the ready-to-wear ... When you think Comptoir des Cotonniers, is primarily image of the duo mother / daughter accomplice that comes to mind more than the latest in store.

A success story family

When the sign appeared in 1995, things had been carefully studied and calculated. For Elisha's family in the textile business is in the genes. Tony Elisha is in ready-to-wear for over 30 years: in '70 he set foot two brands - Nelson jeans and Va Bene - in 80 he manages the distribution of products and Jackson Family of 90 he deals with manufacture and distribution of Gaultier Jeans ...

With its various and varied experiences, he created the concept with his wife Comptoir des Cotonniers, which in 1995 is no more a sign that offers creative style mid-range products in the vein of Claudie Pierlot, targeting the 20/40 year.

An innovative and avant-garde

For the moment, nothing suggests a future development of the brand. In 1997, installing a window and watching couples mother and daughter walking in the street, Georgette Elisha had an idea: offer a targeting both mothers and daughters, allowing them to shop in the same shop, without cloning, but by offering additional changing rooms.

At the time, ad agencies do not believe in the concept: what a girl wants to dress like her mother, and vice versa? They did not have grasped the subtle difference between guards identical dress and shopping offered by the common brand. For its part, the couple believes Elisha hard as iron and decided to develop all their communication on this subject. They decide together to accentuate the family / complicity / close on their advertising campaigns: the pros supermodels gave way to binomials mother / daughter smiling, castes for the occasion.

Therefore, the idea found resonance with the customer: it discovers very quickly that the Comptoir des Cotonniers has a sort of mediation between two generations, not an annihilation of difference, girls and mature women like to get together and to find their happiness. " Both wise and innovative fashion without being coarse or vulgar copied, the collections consist of 70% for basics and 30% Pure fashion, everything always consensual: no models that clash or discord to lend ...

In the middle area / premium, the brand, beyond its 300 stores in France and Europe, has been able to position the leading brand of ready-to-wear sold in department stores, Galeries Lafayette type or Spring. The concept works and profits soaring, the company recorded a steady growth of over 30% annually, which is somewhat exceptional.

A concept in air time

If the Comptoir des Cotonniers shows such a dynamic economy, is that they were the forerunners of a trend. These were the hinge of a changing society where the conflict parent / child would gradually fades. Mothers are thirtysomethings, they have evolved and prefer to maintain a friendly relationship with their daughter, a relationship that projects them into the same reality and reduces the aging of one and the other youth.

If they are likely to take the concept, just apply the rules in the art. Princess Tam Tam or Les Prairies de Paris offers miniature models of adult sizes ... da lines appear and the top segment is no exception: Little Marc to Marc Jacobs and Chloe have already entered the arena.

For now, the concept of Comptoir des Cotonniers is unique, and developed abroad (Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels, Berlin, Tokyo, Seoul ...) where it causes the same enthusiasm as the French market. In 2006, Comptoir des Cotonniers has been bought by a Japanese group, Fast Retailing. This acquisition will enable the brand to grow faster overseas, while keeping the same spirit. Indeed, with the internationalization of the brand, had been the risk of losing the freshness and authenticity of the concept that made Comptoir des Cotonniers what it is today.

No matter where the new stores and relocate some of their number, style and marketing teams will focus always warm side and pioneering real family and that makes Comptoir des Cotonniers is unique. This is not to grow up to lose his soul, but still spread a little further and a little more women collections and spirit of the brand.

A development towards the lifestyle

Far from resting on its laurels, the brand is 100% map of altruism and develops all-round initiatives combining mothers and daughters discs of songs together a couple mother / daughter, sponsoring tournaments tennis team mother / girl, sponsorships, contests, literary or kitchen ... The casting set up each year attracts more than 10,000 applications ... Mothers and daughters want to look like the image conveyed by previous campaigns, want to show the general update their complicity that yesterday was none other than old-fashioned. Now the concept has brewed when Anna Wintour or Carine Roitfeld appear with their offspring, this only confirms that the Comptoir des Cotonniers is far from having exhausted the concept.

Every brand needs time to expand its product line, especially the latter, which is actually in the dissemination of a lifestyle. A year ago, a line for children was launched in test and was very well received. Since there are collections in stores aimed at small girls 4 to 12 years. A line of lingerie has also emerged and Japan, and in a few months will be available to the people of Tokyo a line of accessories. The big project is to translate the concept mother / daughter in male. Clients call the hue and cry, and market research confirms that men are tempted by the concept ...

The small downside is the price - almost upscale - that offer the sign. Ironically, advertising campaigns involve a wide range of women, but the prices are in more than one at a distance. The CEO of the brand justifies its rates by stating that compared to H & M or Zara, they offer a garment almost timeless, while closely following the trends, and that its products do not come from mass production. They are designed to close the seam to stick to the Zeitgeist, while giving a soul to clothing and focusing on the finest materials.

Beyond the emotional marketing at Comptoir des Cotonniers, the proposed collections are often a good year for fashion, and they are probably much to the success of the brand ...

Comptoir des Cotonniers, a new Campaign

While the concept of collections mother / daughter - launched by Comptoir des Cotonniers the ago a decade - is always a recipe, it does not mean that kept the momentum of its debut. Owner of the brand and determined to change things, the group Fast Retailing has just launched a new type of advertising campaign, CDC refocusing the heart of fashion ...

Faced with the emergence of ever more hype claws, communication always more in tune with the times, Comptoir des Cotonniers has recently lost some of its appeal. Indeed difficult to compete with Sandro, Maje or Kooples when they attract the customers favorite commercials licked ultra trendy: in terms of couples by dandies and ladies lolita rock brothers Elisha, we understand better how the concept of mother / daughter could take a few wrinkles ...

To not continue to spin its clients see in competition, Fast Retailing has therefore been forced to revise his copy. Finite consensus poses and looks wise, the models have now instructed to make the film Twister. In addition, they will more different clothes, but will share the same room they will appropriate according to their style.

The photographs will also be accompanied by short sentences like "I love / I Hate" - a kind of micro Proust questionnaire - to better imagine the personality of each.

And clearly materialize the new guidelines, the brand change slogan, adding to the old one new component, which gives the final: "The Mother, The Girl & The Fashion. The message is very clear: the company wants piquant and modern, in connection with the fashionistas.

Opened recently, the new shop located Place Saint-Sulpice also illustrates well the new mantra of the mark. This framework Haussmann - which hosted the collections so far Yves Saint Laurent - indeed symbolizes alone the metamorphosis of the Comptoir des Cotonniers, a raise in more pointed than in the past.

As for the campaign itself, it has three components. The next two will be unveiled in February and April 2010 ...

Comptoir des Cotonniers - Collection Autumn / Winter 2010-2011

For his campaign fall / winter 2010-2011, the Comptoir des Cotonniers has swapped his famous duets anonymous cons a little nod to the blogosphere. This time, it is indeed the lovely Pandora - Louise Ebel aliases - who is pictured with his mother. Note that the seventies will float on the opus of the season perfectly suits the young muse of internet ...

Wearing the hat and bag satchel Kenzo strongly inspired by those in Mulberry, the daughter Comptoir des Cotonniers has understood that it will now be playing it back, remember to make its required a good deal of casualness and twist urban.

Thus, in addition to accessories that would not disown Annie Hall, his locker room revolves around smelling references slightly army, and sometimes finely boyish bohemian. The whole creates silhouettes both elegant and nonchalant.

A bit wide, the trench is doing well on a thin shirt unbuttoned silk sometimes cyan, sometimes breasted bartender. For its part, the jeans - skinny or wide - wants extremely faded, while jackets short - Saharan revisited or bomber jacket - heat up shots fur collar shearling or up-to-date.

In true adventurer chic, beautiful also tries to light khaki suit, then the costume off the sling and men recalling the heroes of another decade ...

And if it fits in many androgynous attire, she does not forget to punctuate them with winks to her femininity. The corduroy pants and together with a translucent blouse, while the long military coat of thick cloth of wool is enhanced with a pair of shoes. As for the bomber, he puts up with a floral chiffon dress.

Finally, level details and accessories designed to anchor this collection in the mood, the designers of the Comptoir des Cotonniers oscillate between lucidity and copy bankable unenlightened.

In fact, if you love suede reinforcing patches for elbows Prussian blue cardigans, mini bags smell good vintage store or the trendy fedoras garter and scarves, we are less convinced by the balanced shoes lined with white shearling tempting to ride the wave Chloe. It admits also slightly disappointed with some models like a little too close to those of Anglo-Saxon claw Mulberry (see here and here) ...

However, this does not prevent us to inspire us snapshots "I Love, I Hate" of the season, it looks presented accurately depicting this famous trend seventies ...

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We then H & M, Urban Outffiters Americans and the Japanese Uniqlo, except that for some time it tends to go abroad: England, Usa, and soon France. Luckily, there is everything we love cashmere, Japanese denim, and the basic tops. The fashion world has more than that word in the mouth "Uniqlo" it was time to close attention to them!

First, we must know that once you went through Uniqlo, it is very difficult to backtrack. Because the Japanese have a way to learn from what happens in the West, there to add a little something and end up leading in a few years ... It will surely be the sign for trendy and that's good because there would buy everything, especially that prices are more than affordable!

The company was created in 1984 by Tadashi Yanaï. The concept: sell clothing simple, good quality, often renewed, at fair prices. In Japan, the company will soon expand, its t-shirts are perfectly cut, smooth and very resistant. They surely basics, but once worn make all the difference, a little style with a touch of American Apparel "urban" and more.

This is remembered in this brand are the jeans. Japan is renowned for producing high quality jeans with a special weave that competition without difficulty the U.S. industry. But so far, these jeans were too expensive. He had not reckoned on Uniqlo, which has decided to prove that jeans trends, well-cut, high quality could be accessible to everyone: $ 20 for child models, maximum $ 60 for adult sizes, with average prices $ 40.

In addition, the brand is at the top level product design. It links technical high-tech science of leaching, weaving and aboriginal designs at the cutting edge: the magic formula, typically Nippon, which fly every time. The addicts in denim, who know that the best vintages in jeans is Japanese, will rejoice, because until now it was very difficult to get.

But with the collection of Uniqlo, the leaders of the company are proud to offer products at any point similar to the brands already on the market, but at prices far less prohibitive. The secret of teaching: working with the supplier of Japan's most famous - Kaihara - who works her denim fabrics with an old know-how and transmitted from father to son since 1893.

The company can provide the best quality denim at prices unmatched broken because it has more than 750 stores worldwide. But in addition to the brand becoming the official supplier of the world hype, in terms of casual and uniform trend, it acquires an ecological conscience.

Not surprising given its origins: Was not Japan the land of the LOHAS (population group most affected by the daily acts of green). Uniqlo has decided to set up a system to recycle unwanted clothes more. Thus, twice in the year, customers can deposit their old clothes in outlets of the brand.

After a thorough screening, they will be allocated according to their condition, between NGOs or reintroduced into the industrial textile chain. In 2006, the brand has tested his concept in Japan. Over 150,000 products were collected, two thirds were given to organizations working in Tibet and Nepal. The label shall declare on this matter and does not want "that sell clothes," but play a real role in society.

Very good marketing strategy, while the "buy organic" is at the zenith and the consumer needs to feel good by purchasing this type of product ... Coincidence or strategy, the brand is expanding at the same time internationally. In Japan, it has 700 shops, some in Europe, and Asia.

She recently opened a concept store in Soho, NY. And judging by the euphoria that openness has created, the label has a bright future ahead of it, is not immune to experience the phenomenon Uniqlomania "(girls in each opening trance, breaks stock daily and peopolisation Collabra with designers ...)

Uniqlo: UTGP 2009

For the fifth consecutive season, Uniqlo appealed to aspiring artists from around the world to participate in its creation contest, with the only support a T-shirt. The rule is simple: there are none, the only obligation being to warm their brains and be original ...

Entitled "UTGP 2009" (T-shirts Uniqlo Grand Prix), this competition aims to discover new talent and above all to give everyone a chance. In a universe such as ready-to-wear (where it is not easy to penetrate), the competitions are still the best way to hatch in the face of the world. Especially when it offers to the 20 finalists marketing their creations ...

With Uniqlo, those with unbridled imagination and dreaming of seeing their work distributed massively can try their luck. You have until September 21 and send your file, consisting of a T-shirt virtual makeover by you. The winner, plus a tidy sum of 20,000 euros, will have t-shirts for sale worldwide. We can not get much better than to launch her career in graphic design, or simply to get his fifteen minutes of fame ...

To separate the participants, a jury of eight people (two figures of contemporary art, and Kashiwa Sato Yayoi Kusama) will review each case and will operate a first selection will be made public by the end of October. However, it was not until March that the 20 finalists will be chosen, and the grand prize will be awarded. At the last edition, it was the work of a young student in fourth year graphic design, Karakida Nao, who caused a sensation. His t-shirt man / woman in Picasso received the honors of the jury and won first prize.

All you have to generate it enter your graphic palettes and believe in your lucky star. Especially a quick glance at the creations of the winners of last year should reassure you that all styles and tastes are represented. It may therefore very well that the jury of the 2009 UTGP falls under the spell of your world, as strange as it may be. So no false modesty, and get started!

Jil Sander x Uniqlo - Collection Autumn / Winter 2010-2011

Since 2009, marriage between Japanese and Uniqlo minimalist Jil Sander, is most happy, so much so that their last collection is now awaited with much impatience as Alexander Wang or Proenza Schouler. For fall / winter 2010-2011, the line + J and we offer a few pieces brilliantly executed, with the timeless look and price generously available ...

Sometimes the air of the time telescope with the style of a creator, sublimating the passage work of the latter. This is particularly true of the collection for Jil Sander + J for Uniqlo, which is no better framework with the latest dictates from the podium.

It must be said that this season, no-nonsense style of Jil Sander - which had its heyday in the 90s - has everything you need, both through its DNA ideally with the desires of diagram pragmatic and very popular classic basics recently.

However, if the shirts fit snugly and smartly tailored jackets cut certainly delight closets hungry basics chic is to coat the eyes linger mi-nylon/mi-laine ...

Playing with the volume recently revived in the day, these fragrant with good effect in the small miracle fashion. Whether it's navy blue pea coat revisited (and fairly short) camel overcoat or trench borrowing from some of his gimmicks, coats designed by Jil Sander and consolation fashionista can not afford a room Burberry and Michael Kors.

Therefore, if we remain indifferent to the haircuts and strangely colored dangerously frayed Raquel Zimmermann posing for the campaign + J, we do not forget to note the arrival of the new collection in store, so do not miss these must-have basics that look like ...

Online Blackjack

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The fur hat

Hat from last winter we have raised awareness of the potential as a fur hat, we can in the coming year to move up a gear. We will then be possible to cast our sights on a hat worthy of the heroes of Pushkin, direct from shops Vanessa Bruno ...

It is colored in Dries Van Noten, Marni or voluptuous girly Sonia Rykiel, fur has never been as fun as this winter. It will wear well with time but mostly cons time, thinking excess, exaggeration and fantasy.

The days when fur was intimidated and restricted to an elite botoxée is long gone. Now, natural hair or synthetic invite themselves in dressing the youngest of us, allowing us to warm our looks a thousand ways to fall. In addition, it is no longer appropriate to play the minx by opting for a shy side fur: it support themselves in oversize or not doing at all.

For all those who still associate the long glossy fur coats to their great aunt's 16th, Vanessa Bruno has devised a marvel combining freedom of the accessory to the pleasure of excess. This replaces our oversized fur hats with a cap (which has nothing to envy to those of Anna Karenina), which has the inestimable advantage of being able to anchor in the times when we see fit.

Contrary to a mantle imposing than we could bear a good start after the winter (and which in any way that is unlikely to correspond to our dressing room), the cap - from its extravagance - marry with everything and will give the least of our required high levels up-to-date.

We imagine and enhance the looks of an Alexander Wang button warmy well appreciated when the bermuda will destroy chilly. Combined with the slim leather Givenchy, she will delightfully urban, while it shameless preppy silhouettes DKNY and amuse the pastel coats from Marc Jacobs. Down to the edges of the lashes or placed askew, it will help you live a moment how strong each time we venture out in the daylight.

The key is to please himself (according to the Bellucci in Elle), if you filled craze causes a small swarm of excitement in the lower abdomen (the precursor to a fashion obsession), you would be wrong of you deprived. Indeed, fashion is to be grasped, experienced and consumed, and no matter the astonishment of passers-by ...

Trendy Faux Fur

This season, it was Karl Lagerfeld who sets the tone for fashion fantasy, it does not hesitate to run all-out miles of fake fur. From costume Abominable Snow Moon Boots with heels through the trapeze skirts, and all were covered with down and synthetic furry, performing their humorous quickdraw too much ...

If at first sight, the last Chanel fashion show is much like a parody for green fashionistas in search of good conscience, he did not put less emphasis in one of the leading trends of the season: the assumed use of faux fur . However, if it conveyed an image until recently low-end, his knighthood by the Kaiser suddenly prompted other houses to treat it with humor.

No longer trying to subtly incorporate a particular room to pass for an authentic mink faux fur and now needed on a film therefore, so as to resemble those that will die with adorable teddy bear 100% synthetic .

Spurred Unique (creator Topshop line), then we are surprised to desire a comfortable skin coat Teddy Bear, more funky and politically correct than any rabbit fur. As for skirts with wool ball home Miu Miu, they appear even more chic than their down is not in any animal ...

Exit also the thin scarf faux leopard: with dignity to embrace this new trend and adopt the proper dress code, it seems to have to indulge it without half-measure. We will focus therefore on large parts and accessories on the fun and warmy Chanel, while keeping an eye on the latest arrivals topshopiens (the latter are likely to give us models both accessible and first degree).

That said, this tendency accents liberators, regressive and unabashed could not last so long. It would be a shame not to enjoy to warm mode ... Kate Lanphear

LOVE - Issue 4

Knowing that he appears twice in the year, the magazine would LOVE wrong not fun to leverage its coverage to each of its publications. A fortiori, when it gives him the opportunity to develop an idea even before it began to flip through its pages ...

Reflecting its editor Katie Grand, LOVE likes to position itself at odds dictates physical cracking front row. In the past, the voluptuous curves of Beth Ditto and severe frown geek Tavi and were invited on the cover of glossy.

For its fourth issue, the jewel highly sharpened Conde Nast continues to question the codes of beauty and representation highlighting women sublime but different, each being intended to depict the name affixed to them: Agyness Deyn (The Rebel), Gisele Bundchen (The Bombshell), Lauren Hutton (The Heroine), etc. ...

However, if one likes to see the ripples from that shone in "American Gigolo" left in its natural state, particularly savored the sweet snap of the magazine to the fashion industry. By subtitling the picture of a Barbie doll fully retouched "Ms. Perfect - The Model", it denounces indeed subtly drifts anorexio photoshopiennes-current ...

It is true that, faced with unique personalities that emerge from the pictures of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Alessandra Ambrosio and other Agyness Deyn, this doll silicone is both inhumane and chilling too perfect. Lost amid these models of flesh and blood, and his presence seems completely incongruous, as it permits us to identify ourselves in any way to her.

At a time when we feel more than ever stuffed with unreal images and visual hoaxes constantly pushing the limits of acceptable morphology, one can only welcome the choice to highlight faces intense, sublime and visual imperfections embodied. The only regret is that this beautiful series of portraits signed Mert & Marcus does not include any "beauty from elsewhere" ...

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