Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trendy Faux Fur

This season, it was Karl Lagerfeld who sets the tone for fashion fantasy, it does not hesitate to run all-out miles of fake fur. From costume Abominable Snow Moon Boots with heels through the trapeze skirts, and all were covered with down and synthetic furry, performing their humorous quickdraw too much ...

If at first sight, the last Chanel fashion show is much like a parody for green fashionistas in search of good conscience, he did not put less emphasis in one of the leading trends of the season: the assumed use of faux fur . However, if it conveyed an image until recently low-end, his knighthood by the Kaiser suddenly prompted other houses to treat it with humor.

No longer trying to subtly incorporate a particular room to pass for an authentic mink faux fur and now needed on a film therefore, so as to resemble those that will die with adorable teddy bear 100% synthetic .

Spurred Unique (creator Topshop line), then we are surprised to desire a comfortable skin coat Teddy Bear, more funky and politically correct than any rabbit fur. As for skirts with wool ball home Miu Miu, they appear even more chic than their down is not in any animal ...

Exit also the thin scarf faux leopard: with dignity to embrace this new trend and adopt the proper dress code, it seems to have to indulge it without half-measure. We will focus therefore on large parts and accessories on the fun and warmy Chanel, while keeping an eye on the latest arrivals topshopiens (the latter are likely to give us models both accessible and first degree).

That said, this tendency accents liberators, regressive and unabashed could not last so long. It would be a shame not to enjoy to warm mode ... Kate Lanphear

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