Friday, August 13, 2010

Clemence Poesy for Nylon Magazine

In recent seasons, the little faces of the blonde Clemence Poesy has become synonymous with hipness: a ringside seat at Balenciaga, addicted to fashion weeks, holding a filmography already loaded and Chloe perfume muse alongside hip sizes, the frail actress will have devastating timidly has not finished catching on.

It is found and is currently on the cover and in the pages of Nylon Magazine April. We will linger on shots of the editorial which is devoted in part, and which reveals the youthful beauty and inhabited this Fleur Delacour who finished well with the classroom of Hogwarts. Apart from the obvious poetry that emerges from these pictures (which is not dissimilar to Erin Fetherston expensive), we admired the vintage style worn by the absolutely delicious girl.

We appreciate, as few fashion series offering real lessons in style. Sometimes sublime, however, often complicate recent message clothing. Therefore, when you discover that staging Clemence Poesy in styles in all respects desirable, accessible without being simplistic and really in line with our desires, we can only blush with pleasure.

It thus falls under the spell of this alliance stripes / checkered announced as one of "it" in the spring, but until then we just seemed easier to put into practice. We deal only with tights - that next winter will be more fantasy than ever - can be played Beetlejuice, marry a checked blazer, wearing shoes with heels yellow chick and give birth and look sharp without being silly . The second picture, meanwhile, probably will win all the votes, the association mini-cape, smock blouse / liberty, man's jacket and necklace just being arty to fall.

If there are girls who seem to have attracted the attention of all the good fairies of the universe on their cradle, Clemence Poesy is undoubtedly one of those. His style looks naturally, his silhouette vanishing - but still laughing - and his budding talent we suggest not taking his eyes.

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