Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The printed Navajo

If trends suggest we return to the spotlight on beige Celine cropped to superpositions of Rag & Bone with skirts as well as fifties Dries Van Noten, they also invite us to welcome a newcomer to the closed circle of graphics bankable (leopard, plaid, stripes): print "Navajo".

Present dotted the landscape in fashion for several months, the reasons dear to Native Americans are about to become a highlight of the dress code of the fall / winter 2010-2011. Introduced on the trail of hype in 2009 through collaboration between Opening Ceremony and Pendleton, the printed graphic accents ethnic therefore began to intrigue - even seduce - fashionista pointed.

Last February, we saw the top and Tao Okamoto curl up in a cloak of wool cloth printed with folk, but also some New York socialites succumb to these friendly graphics. For its part, the mother of highly stylish blogger Jane Aldridge did not hesitate to show a coat Navajo. More recently, the discovery on the back of a jacket pretty Rumi Stolen Girlfriends Club - already "sold out" on the internet - combining shearling and printed Indian came to confirm the arrival of this ground in the heart of dressing coolissimes ...

In fact, when close to Erin Wasson and Alexander Wang is naive to plebiscite graphics referring to the textile heritage of the Navajo people, there are chances that they end up doing school among urban fashionistas ...

However, as often with strong prints borrowed from popular traditions, it is best to eat mode up-to-date (this kind of styles will therefore be avoided). Thus, if one opts for a simple jacket unearthed in a thrift store (not having any of the details so trendy this season), we seek to bring so sharp, in order to inject sufficient to include the contemporaneous silhouette in the air.

However, if the model chosen is already passed through the mill trends 2010-2011 (softened colors, volume of clothing changed, mixed materials ...), it is sufficient to interfere with such printed pieces subtly Navajo roots for a quickdraw elegant, yet casual. A pair of boots, jeans cigarette cut short on the ankle and a pullover loose in large mesh will then fit the bill.

The question is where to find the piece that will transport our looks Mode Window Rock ... Perhaps in Heimstone?

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