Monday, June 28, 2010

Celine Bags - Resort Collection 2010

Whether at home or Celine Chloe, Phoebe Philo apparently can not help it create bags. It is true that Paddington and Classic both have triggered many palpitations among the fashion sphere, well before they hit the shop. But the newbies discovered during the presentation Celine Resort seem to register in the same line ...

Since its beginnings as a stylist, the DA Celine has always had a knack for feeling the desire of women at some point. In this period of crisis and instability, it weaves together a coherent story and comforting, where style outweighs the tendency. Despite its collections occasions to see in all directions, because she feels it would be obscure to change course for fear of being tarnished quickly, she prefers to reaffirm and reinforce its choices for women in this elegant end of the seventies sportswear.

On the occasion of Opus Resort, she reinvents subtle parts with a hit during his previous collection, while injecting some new features. Baggy pants, cut line A minimalist silhouette Celine launched and while brightly colored sets and monochrome fluids him a note in both vitamin and divinely elegant.

Similarly, there is the side of accessories some diversification of models and styles, and zip tote jute leather mixed with happiness that complement the current leather Celine.

However, it is no doubt the mutation of the Classic that will hold the most attention. Under the fingers of one Phoebe Philo iconic aware of its potential, this bag - must become less of a season - is allowed for varying volumes and colors, so as to provide a discreet twist up-to-date those who succumb.

If it can then be oversized (in mega pack is on, the loop placed inside), it also allows shots to funkiser fluorescent crocodile (in fact no such thing as a color boost pepsy for camels and other neutral tones of the autumn). In so doing, Phoebe Philo is finally entering the Classic in history, alongside the Birkin, Motorcycle and other ... 2.55

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