Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The biker boots

They are thought to have finished, overwhelmed by the low boots in the summer, gladiator sandals and fringed ... However, the biker boots (which have peppered our looks throughout last season) have decided to reappear for the summer, is doing more rock, grunge and more assumed than in the past ...

These days, no longer spells femininity girly attitude. Indeed, any look can find through our eyes if it is not an accessory enamel involving our deep sensuality. We keep so rummage in the wardrobe of our rights or to survey the range of Zara Men looking for a room to skate the length of the microphone was. XXL T-shirt, blazer size little boy or head covering for Pete Doherty, everything is good to save us from the glamorous touch 'obsolete ...

In this climate rocks like blue flower, that destroy most perfect little girl, it took only a little time for fashionistas to understand that their biker boots have everything to be new queens of the season ... So, Kate Moss and Kirsten Dunst (both of which hold an allure coolissime version of "I'm grunge and it suits me well") have shunned the gladiator sandals in favor of a good old pair of boots, half-farmer, half-biker.

They thus created a silhouette divinely underground and ultra easy to copy, composed the famous denim shorts in the summer associated with mid-boots roots in hell. It is the best way to provide relief - and this without complicating their lives - the duo Loose T-shirt / shorts destroy. In addition, the biker boots also save the sentimentality and chiffon Liberty, the American Apparel tube dress and liquette (which no longer support their endless converse ...).

Farewell styles bimbo, the summer is more than cool. To stick to the times, is threaded so that we can get hold of (if this is extra short and rather loose), we strap our boots biker and we are ready to compete any girl tempering Irina Lazareanu ... Day or night, they will accompany us without blushing (Lou Doillon has a set time his cowboy boots on the red carpet ...) we just need the evening to glitteriser a bit of a sudden D & G mini dresses and Lanvin, while under the July sun in patterns to draw the outlines of Isabel Marant ...

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